The giant will make major changes in YouTube music chart system, decision on paid advertising


San Francisco, IANS. YouTube, the online video giant, is going to make a significant change in its music chart system. Indeed, the company has come to know that artists and labels are making profits by reducing the number of people watching videos with the help of growth hacks, which of course makes many people lose. To prevent this manipulation, YouTube has decided to take this step.

The Verge quoted a new blog as saying that ‘Advertising Views’ on YouTube will no longer be counted in the music charts. The most viewed music video will now be ranked on the basis of the organic pledge.

The company wrote in a blog that in an effort to provide greater transparency in the industry and to close the line with the policies of official charting companies such as Billboard and Nielsen, YouTube will no longer count paid advertising views in the music charts. YouTube said that artists will now be ranked based on observations of the organic pledge.

In fact, the company has come to know that YouTube artists (artists) are running their videos as advertisements by paying money to other YouTube channels to increase their views. Due to this, the order of the 24-hour top videos was being changed, on which the company has now stopped.

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