How to Stay Anonymous on the Web with Ease ? (2019)

Stay Anonymous on the Web – With the advancement of technologies, it is now straightforward to identify an unknown number. But sometimes we do not want to disclose our identity to the receiver of our call. It may be for official reasons, maybe for personal. Whatever the intention is, technologists and developers made it easy for us to call anyone anytime anonymously.

Be anonymous with just a few taps on your Phone Settings:

  1. a) Android: Tap on the Phone app in your smartphone. Then go to Menu. Next click on Settings. You will get two options: General settings & call settings. Tap on Call Settings. Now choose the sim by which you want to call and then select Additional Settings. Now there will be two options, and one of them is Caller ID.
Stay Anonymous on the Web

Stay Anonymous on the Web

By default, Caller ID says that it will use default operator settings to display a number in outgoing calls. Clicking on this, three options come Network Default, Hide Number and Show Number. Once you select Hide Number, your phone number will be hidden. Now it may be the case that the Caller ID is disabled, then it will be in grey. In that scenario, you may contact your network provider. Although, there are some other ways to call without revealing your identity. Or you can simply use GPS location spoofer apps to fake your location. This way no one will be able to identify your exact location.

  1. b) iPhone: Similar function is available in iPhone also.

First, you have to open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then select Phone icon. Now click on Show my caller ID. Now, to hide your number as a private one, just move the slider to ‘OFF’.

  1. c) Windows Phone: Steps similar to that of iPhone is to be maintained here also. Here, you have to open the Phone app first, then More Button option. Now select settings and click on Show my caller ID. Now here you may choose either of the two options: ‘No One’ or ‘My contacts’. If you choose ‘No One’ then for anyone you call, you will be private. But if you choose ‘My Contacts’, you will be private for only the numbers stored in your contact list.

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Free anonymous calls from your computer:

There are some websites through which you can call anyone on mobile or on a land phone. Though most of the sites take some charge from the users for giving such services, there are some sites offering free calls. Some free calls, as well as free minutes, can be limited every day, but it will help you a lot. And the most desirable feature is you don’t have to register yourself for such free anonymous calls. We are providing some of the best sites with these features.

  1. a) This is a useful website for free anonymous calling and also without any registration. All you need to do here is that you have to choose Free

Calls option and then select the country in the panel of the phone touchpad shown on your computer screen. Enter the number you want to call, press call button and wait for some seconds, When the call will be connected, just allow it to use your microphone and have a sweet talk being anonymous!!!

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  1. b) This is also another useful website for free anonymous calling without any registration. The steps to follow here are quite similar to those of call2friends. The call quality in this site is pretty good also.
  2. c) Globfone is another free service. Here you not only can call but also can share P2P files, send texts and do video chatting. But one thing to be mentioned here, this service is not as good as the previous services. Here free calling is very limited, and moreover, you may fail to connect your calls several times.
  3. Google Voice: Here comes our favorite Google again. It is available with your Google or Gmail account, and you can use it for free. A default number will be shown on receiver’s screen if you don’t have a google voice number. Though it is generally free, you may be charged for some special features. Also, International calls may be charged.
  4. Fake Caller ID App: This is one of the few Android apps that allow users to call anonymously for free. This app provides two free calls every day. Here, one can change his or her voice and also can record the call if required.
  5. Prefix Code: For a particular country, there is a particular prefix code to block caller ID. For India, this code is *31#. So, if anyone wants to call anonymously, he or she may just prefix the code *31# before the dialed number. For example, if you want to call 12345 then dial *31#12345. The receiver’s screen will show your number as a private number. But here one fact must be mentioned that this code only works if the service provider allows this masking. Most service providers in India have their plan, and they offer special calling with a certain fee. For example, Airtel has its Dial port service, Vodafone and BSNL also have their plans accordingly. So, without subscribing to these services, this prefix code may not work.


The most useful ways for free anonymous calling are listed above. So, if you want to surprise your friends or want to do some investigations, just follow the easier step for you and keep talking anonymously!!!!

How to Stay Anonymous on the Web with Ease ? (2019)
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