How to Protect USB Pen Drive With Password on Windows?

Protect USB Drive with Password- Hey guys, I am back with a very interesting article which helps you to protect your USB Drive from the virus.  you can also set a password on your USB Drive. Most of us are using USB drive for storing information like our personal images, videos, contacts and so many other things who some of you already know.

Sometimes because of your bad luck, your USB Drive would be lost where you store your personal data so what you’ll do that time. How can you protect your data from those who find your USB Drive? Can you do something about that situation; of course not, you can’t do anything at that time. So the best option is that we can protect our USB drive with a password.

Protect USB Pen Drive With Password on Windows

Protect USB Pen Drive With Password on Windows

If you are reading this article that means you want to know who you can protect your USB drive from strangers. As we know, USB drive is very small; we can carry it in our pocket. We can also use it on our Android phone with the help of OTG cable. USB drives have so many advantages but also have some disadvantages.

It is very small that means it’s much easier to lose. Below I give you two methods with these methods; no one can be able to see our private data. In case our USB drive will lose somewhere, no one will open it without a password.

How to Protect USB Drive with Password Free?

These two methods are very helpful and easy to use. With the help of these methods, you can easily secure your USB drive with a password. Whenever you or someone else will insert your USB drive into the computer that time you or someone else needs to enter the password. Check out the methods below and do it step by step.

#1 Method – Use BitLocker for protecting USB Drive with Password Free

You can protect your USB Drive or Internal Drive also with the help of BitLock. The BitLock is not third party software. it comes in every window and it is so easy to use. Just Follow the below steps and after following you will be able to Lock your USB Drive with a password.

Step 1. Firstly you need to connect your USB drive with your window PC or laptop. I am doing it on the laptop.

Step 2. Now go to “My Computer”, right click on the drive which you want to protect and click on “Turn on BitLocker”.


Step 3. After the second step, the popup window will appear, just like the screenshot which you seeing below. Click on “Use a password to unlock the drive” check box. Enter the password on both the password field which you want to set for you USB drive protection and press next button.


Note- For Making the password strong, you have to use at least One uppercase letter, Lowercase Letter, any number, and any symbol. These will make your password Stronger.

Step 4. Now you are seeing three option on the below screenshot image. It offers you to back up your data in three ways, in case you forget the password or lose the drive somewhere.


You will select either “save to your Microsoft account”(If you haven’t Microsoft account then create one or you have then sign in), Second is “save to a file”, or third is “print the recovery key” which you can save it in a safe place. Select any one and click next button.

Step 5. Now the encrypting process is started and within few second your drive will get secured with a password.


#2 Method- Protect USB Drive by using Diskcrytor

Diskcrytor is another way for protecting USB drive with a password. It is a software which you need to install on your computer. In this software, you can be encrypting your all drive and set the password on it. So check them out this software, if you will feel secure with this method than download and install it on your computer. We have given the link on the name of this software above.

Step1. If you have installed it on your computer then open it, if you haven’t installed it then installed it first.

Step2. Once you opened the DiskCryptor, insert your USB drive into your computer or laptop. Now select you USB Drive and click on “Encrypt” option which is available on the top right side of the software.

Step 3. After second step the popup window will appear and ask you to some “encryption settings”. You don’t need to change or select anything just click on next Button.

Step 4. A new popup window will appear, enter a strong password to twice and click “OK”.

Step 5. That’s it, now every time you or someone else will insert the USB Drive it will ask the password.

How to Protect USB Pen Drive With Password on Windows?
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