Top 10+ URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use URL Shortener Alternatives 2018 – With the emerging world of the internet, Web URLs have become an important address – even more than your home address. But, with increased importance and a lot of unique Users – their complexity gets increased day by day. So, it is very difficult to simply remember any of those URLs by just looking at them. But, For this problem – we have some of the other services which provide us with the option of compressing our original-Long-complex-difficult to remember URL into something short and memorable.

List of Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives

Although, There are many services which can provide you with this feature. But, there are some of them on the top of the list. So, For the sake of this article – I have done a little bit of research on them and selected few of them on the basis of User Popularity, Rating & Usage parameters. I Hope, this will help you in your goals. Let’s have a look at them.

#1 bitly – Shortener Alternative

Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

One of the Most famous and used URL shortening service Worldwide. It has the most user reviews and usage, that is the main reason that this service is on the top of this List of ‘Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use’. With this service, you can short your URLs and also keep an eye on the performance of each URL individually. So, You can use this service to Optimize your Bussiness and Measure Performace of resources on the web etc.

#2 URL Shortener Alternatives URL Shortener Alternatives

This is another awesome alternative to link shortener service. You can Use this one for shortening your personal Links. This is to the point service which does not mess with the user. It allows the user to simply provides the URL and simply shorten the link. So, this feature makes it simple and fast to use service. And, moreover, it allows the user to customize their URLs to the point they want.

#3 Shortener Alternatives Shortener Alternatives is another great alternative with alot of similar features to the service. But, One of the things that make is different from all other services is it’s unique & simple interface. And, You can also keep an eye on the performance of your link, along side customizing the short URl to the point you want. So, all n all this is a great deal with this service to use it as an alternative to service.

#4 Shortener Alternatives Shortener Alternatives

A similar service to or URL shortener service. So, It also allows you to customize your URLs and Keep an eye on the performance of your links. Here, if you want to track all the activities of your links – you need to create a personal account and it will contain all the data that is needed to track performance. is great when you want to post multiple links on the social networking.

#5 sniply Shortener Alternatives Shortener Alternatives

Another good alternative to the Service. The one of the best things I like about this service is that it allows the users to keep track of the URLs as well as it helps them to enhance the engagement of the Users to the link on the social networking platform. You can add custom Call  to actions to your link, whenever someone will click on them.

#6 Shortener Alternatives Shortener Alternatives maybe on the 6th place on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it values less than the other services in the list. Here, You can Create Short URLs easily and you don’t even need to go through long Signup process of the website. The easy to use interface and to the point options really makes the life of users heaven. You should give this service a try.

#7 Shortener Alternatives Shortener Alternatives

A great, earning platform as well as URL shortening service which allows you to earn as well as free service of tracking URL activity. So, in a way – this one is the best, if you also want to earn per click on the shortened URL. Like other adv showing services, This one also displays ads to the users before and then allows to redirect to the link.

#8 Shortener By GoDaddy

Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

It is another great tool provided by GoDaddy. You can use it for shortening the links and this service is free for the users buying a Domain with the GoDaddy service. You don’t have to pay any extra charge for using this service. So, You do need to buy a goDaddy Account to use this service. but, The features you’ll get will worth it.


Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use is another great alternative for the famous service, and it also contains the functionality of URL tracking. You can also compare the performance of two links using the analytics data that this service will provide. And, then you can manipulate the results as per your need.

#10 Pretty Links

Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

Last, But not the least. Pretty Links is a great alternative for the URL shortening service. Isn’t is the reason that it is on the Top 10 list? This is the only service which allows the users to create easily readable, memorable links. You can easily speak and share such short links and thus helps in increased productivity of the Platform.

From Editor’s Desk

With all this information, I am afraid – I have to say goodbye. But, I Hope that this article and the research of mine will help you alot in selecting one of your favorite URL Shortener services for your purpose. And, if you have a Doubt or you want to suggest anything. You are welcome in the comments field below. I’ll try to reply to your comment within 24 hours. See you in the next article.


Top 10+ URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use
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