Facebook removed 26 million violent posts in two years, mostly related to IS and Al Qaeda


Social media company Facebook (Facebook) has vigorously removed the posts of 2.60 crore terrorist organizations from its platform in two years. Most of the posts were from ISIS and Al Qaeda. Facebook has discovered groups of these organizations on its platform at large levels. The company has removed more than 200 violent posts so far. Apart from this, the accounts of terrorist groups have also been banned.

Facebook has said that we have deleted terrorist posts with the help of artificial intelligence and human expertise. At the same time, the company removed some posts only after the attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. Facebook has further stated that these terrorist organizations tried to spread bigotry through our platforms. Apart from this, Facebook also implemented new rules to ban violent posts in November.

Facebook plan

Facebook is preparing a 9 point industry plan in collaboration with world tech Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter. Through this plan, the company will get information about how the content related to terror is shared on this platform. At the same time, Facebook has said that we have to constantly change our policies so that violent posts can be stopped.


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