Facebook-Rebane teaming up with AR glasses, which will enable calling and live streaming on social media


Gadget desk. Facebook and Reben’s parent company Luksotica are jointly making glasses equipped with augmented reality technology. According to the report, the company has filed its patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. With the help of this AR Glass of Facebook, users will be able to live streaming on social media platforms apart from calling. It is also seen as a replacement for the smartphone. According to the report, it will be available in the market by 2025. Facebook’s AR Glass will challenge Google Glass.

Important information will be available on the display of glasses

Facebook was facing a lot of problems in completing this project, after which spectacle maker Luksotica is helping Facebook to complete this project. Luxottica, the popular brand of glasses, is Reben’s parent company.

According to the report, it can be launched in the market between 2023-25. It is given the Orion codename. To attract customers, Facebook wants to give it an attractive site that is equipped with all high-end features. But Facebook was unable to keep the pace between its size and the high-end feature found in it. After which the company enlisted the help of Luxottica.

It will be an innovative device. According to the report, this smartphone is being seen as a replacement. Users will be able to call with their help. All important information can be seen on its display. Along with this, live streaming can also be done on the social media platform with the help of its glass.

Apart from AR Glass, Facebook is also working on Artificial Intelligence technology-based voice assistant. It is expected that this AI voice assistant can be given as a built-in feature in this glass. Along with this, the company is also working on the ring device, which has been given the codename ‘Agios’. This ring device will take input from the user through a motion sensor.

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