Elon Musk posted ‘I love anime’, Twitter blocked

Elon Musk
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Elon Musk continues to fascinate and confuse the world through his tweets. In such a situation, his new tweet has also become a matter of discussion. His new tweet was published about eight hours after his posting. In it, he wrote, ‘Twitter felt that my account has been hacked and it has locked my account.’

While Musk has not clarified the reason and time of account lock in his tweet. Due to which his account was locked. In such a situation, people are speculating differently.

Actually social media and technology companies are paying more attention to security due to recent disputes. For this reason, she is fast-tracking and disabling troll accounts and fake news. It is believed that Twitter’s security algorithm may have done this considering Elon Musk’s last tweet was unusual.

Actually Alan posted the I Love anime on Twitter. After this, Musk tweeted another in which he said that he owns a Chibi Wolverine.

Interestingly, Musk’s Tesla has become the most followed car brand on Twitter. Earlier, Mercedes-Benz was the most followed car brand on Twitter. But on Sunday, Tesla beat Mercedes and came out on top.

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