(8+) Secure Dropbox Alternatives for Cloud Storage Service (2019)

Best Dropbox Alternatives- Dropbox is one of the best and very popular cloud storage. If you are using it then you know very well that its very easy to use and it beats most of the other Dropbox Alternatives cloud storage services. Millions of peoples are taking benefit of 2gb free storage every day.

This online cloud storage who offers you so many more things like you could easily sync file, backup your data and also backup your WordPress website. If you want to send some data through the internet that time you will use this cloud storage service because it gives you the direct download link of your data which you can send it that person who need this data.

(8+) Secure Dropbox Alternatives for Cloud Storage Service (2018)

(8+) Secure Dropbox Alternatives for Cloud Storage Service (2019)

In this article, I am suggesting you below Top 8 best Dropbox alternatives. If Dropbox is giving us best cloud storage services then why we are finding their alternative. As we talk about Dropbox benefit but there is some lack as well which send you looking for its alternative. When ever you upload your file on Dropbox, it doesn’t care anything about your file, that means your file is not safe. If you are a newbie and want to buy cloud storage services, then choose any Dropbox alternatives 2019 according to your need because it is a long term decision.

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List of 8 Best Dropbox Alternatives for Cloud Storage:

Before buying it, check out some Best Dropbox alternative which we have mentioned below. If you are already want to buy Dropbox alternative and you just looking the good one then you are in the right place. Here is Dropbox alternative 2019 for you, read each clearly and choose smartly according to your need. These all Dropbox alternative will store your file secure and you get so much more benefits with these alternatives so check them out below.

1.) Google Drive

Google drive, we all are familiar with this name, the google drive is one of the best Dropbox alternatives. It is easy to use and easy to set up just like Dropbox. This cloud storage service offers you 15 GB storage for free, as the comparison of Dropbox gives you only 2gb on a free account. This free 15gb storage shared between all the google services like Gmail, Google photos and other. The paid plans of google drive are much better than that Dropbox. If you are a business man and you want to use this google drive for the business purpose then you have to subscribe Google’s g suite with $10 per month starting plan. This google drive is available for all like window, ios, android, Linux, and Mac.

2.) One Drive

One drive is launched by Microsoft Inc. and the best competitor of Dropbox. This one drive also have free version option like google drive, it offers you 15 GB free storage. The plan of this cloud service is very affordable. You could choose according to your need.If you work on word and excel then one drive offer this tools. Yes, Microsoft one drive gives access to use the word and excel on it. One drive also has the best note taking app where you can write an important note. It also offers you 5gb free storage in their premium plan and charge $1.99 per month for 50gb storage.

3.) pCloud

pCloud is also very useful cloud storage with benefit offers but it still not so famous in the cloud storage world yet. If I tell you in short then it is another one of the best cloud storage provider in these days. The paid plan of pCloud is very cheaper than others. You can choose not only the size but also select the features according to your need. Here is the best option for those who want their data more secure, for more security you need to choose pCloud crypto option. In this option, your data encrypted with a key which is only available to you. Pcloud gives you best ever security because the company announced to give $100,000 who find the bug on it.`

4.) Box

The box is my personal favorite when it comes on android phone and tablet. Box offers you 10gb storage for free and 100 GB for $6 per month plan. In the box, you have unlimited Storage option in just $18 per month. This cloud storage service started by 19-year-old young boy Aaron Levine and funded by Marc Cuban. You just need to sign up of creating a personal account with 5GB free storage.You can also share your file and folder to other box user and also create the direct link for download.

5.) Mega

Mega is very useful for those who don’t want to buy storage and also interested in free storage. If you are using free storage through so many accounts then try mega storage. In mega free version, it offers you to 50 GB of free storage which means mega gives you more storage than Dropbox or others alternatives. Mega is the best alternative Dropbox and also supports an end to end encryption. It has their app but also has browser extension so you can easily get your files. If you don’t want to pay money then use mega, it is the best option for you.

6.) Sync

Sync is another best cloud storage who provide the best security and also easy to use. The premium plan for cloud storage is much affordable as compare to Dropbox. In sync free account, it offers 5gb storage for free and for the premium plan it will charge you $8 per month for 2tb storage and $5 per month for 1tb storage. It has their own app for all the platforms like IOS, android, window, mac and other. In the end, I just tell you sync is the best Dropbox alternative and giving you best security better than Dropbox.

7.) Media fire

We all know that we used media fire for sharing the file but now you can create your own cloud storage account. Media fire has their remote upload feature but this time it’s only for premium users. It gives you 10 GB storage for free and if you want 1 TB storage then it will charge you $7.99 per month. The best feature of this cloud storage, you can send a one-time link that means no one can send your link to anyone.

8.) Tresorit

Tresorit is the best cloud storage for those who want their product could be secure. It is more confident of its security that’s why it announce to give $50,000 bounty to that person who breaches the security. No doubt it provides the best security cloud storage service. Dropbox didn’t encrypt your file or folder when you are uploading them but Tresorit is encrypting your file end to end with security key sharing. In case you will send file link to your friends but they cant be able to open that link without a key.

(8+) Secure Dropbox Alternatives for Cloud Storage Service (2019)
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