How to Convert Document to PDF with Google Chrome ?

Are you looking for an Easier Way to Convert Documents to Pdf? Are you looking for Google chrome trick to convert documents to pdf? then, My friend – you are in the right place. because, in this article, I am going to talk about some steps that you can follow to convert your documents into PDF by using Google Chrome browser. I will try my best to keep things as simple as possible, and I will try not to be too much technology in this article. so, without wasting any time, let’s directly jump into the steps to convert the document to PDF file.

Convert document to Pdf with Google Chrome

Convert document to Pdf with Google Chrome

Convert document to Pdf with Google Chrome

Although, there are many platforms which can provide you with this service of converting a document to pdf. but, why we have to go to the services when we can do that with the pre-installed google chrome browser in your system. All you need to do is just have google chrome browser and follow the following steps to convert your document to pdf in a few simple steps. So, grab your cup of coffee and stick to your chair because we are going to a journey.

Steps to Convert Document to Pdf

Here are the few simple steps that you can follow to get a pdf document from google chrome.

  1. Open google chrome browser and click and drag your file into the browser window
  2. Now, press the shortcut Control+p
  3. Select option – save pdf, and press ok.
  4. The file will Download automatically as a new pdf document
  5.  Boom! You are done!

So, that is how simple it is to convert any document to pdf just for using google chrome browser. You can do this in any other operating system and get the perfect result. It is one of the quickest methods that I Have encountered during my research about this article. So, I Hope that you will like it and that is why I Am sharing it with you all of you.

From the Editor’s Desk

So, that’s how you can Convert a document to pdf using google chrome And that is all from my side in this article. If you have any doubt or any suggestion, you can leave a comment below in the comments section. I will really like to read your commands and reply to them as soon as possible. Thanks for your time and faith, I will see you in the next article with the latest new tricks related to the technical world.

How to Convert Document to PDF with Google Chrome ?
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