(6+) Best Android Emulators For PC Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP or Laptop

Best Android Emulators For Window PC- Are you want to run Android apps on your window pc or laptop? If you want then definitely you are looking for an Android emulator for your window pc or laptop. Basically, Android emulator is same as an android phone which can run all your Android apps on window pc or laptop.

Here are the “best Android emulators for windows 10/8/8.1/7 pc or laptop”. On the internet, there are so many android emulators to download but most of the emulators have bugs on their program. So we decided to find the best emulator for you.

Best Android Emulators For PC Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP or Laptop

Best Android Emulators For PC Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP or Laptop

Android emulators are helped to run android games or other applications on window pc. As we know android is becoming popular in these days because every day so many useful applications are releasing daily but sometimes we can’t be able to use the latest application or game because of high hardware requirements.

So if some applications are not supporting your device then choose any one emulator from these that we are suggesting below and install it on your window computer or laptop. With these emulators, you will easily run any android application and game on your window computer or laptop.

List of Best Android Emulator For Windows 10/8/8.1/7 (2018)

Android emulators are not only installing the app, but you can also play android games on the full screen of your window Computer. Most of the peoples are not want to spend money on any software, they expect free all the time. So these emulators which we have suggested you below, all are free to download and install. We did test all the software, they all are working well. So here are the “best Android emulators” for window pc or laptop. Before any further delay, let’s check them out and select anyone from these and install in your window pc.

1). Bluestacks – Best Android Emulator for Windows PC

Bluestacks is one of the most famous best Android emulators for the window, there is a large amount number of peoples are using this emulator on their window Pc or laptop. This emulator is free for all and also easy to use. If you have an old version of bluestacks that needed the internet connection to install so here is a new version of blue stack. The version is pretty much bettered than their previews version, you don’t need the internet connection to download this emulator because it will install by double click, that’s it.

Especially, bluestacks for those who are crazy for android high graphics games, they can play and enjoy Run Android games on bluestacks. In the Android platform, you have 2 million plus applications and games which you can easily run on it and also install it directly on bluestacks because bluestacks has their inbuilt Google play store.

Download Here

2). Droid4x – Android Emulator for Windows 10

Droid4x is another best android emulator for window pc or laptop. It has almost every feature that you are using on your Android device. On the internet, there are so many android emulators and we used lots of emulators but this emulator has all the feature that everyone wants to. So this emulator is the best emulator if I compare with all other android emulators.

You can’t resize the bluestacks but droid4x is allowing you to resize their size from any dimension. The best feature of this emulator is, you can control this emulator through your mobile phone. For gamers, it is the best emulator because you can use your keyboard to play the game and also use a joystick, that’s really cool.

Download Here

3). Nox – Android Emulator for Windows PC

Nox player emulator is one of the best minimalistic android emulators for window pc or laptop. In Nox, you have device rooting option that means you can root your device (Emulator) anytime when you want to root.

If you are one of them who crazy for Pokémon game then you can play Pokémon game on this emulator, you don’t need to walk for it. You can also change the number of CPU cores and the amount of ram as per your need. There is inbuilt google play store and also install apk by just drag and drop apk file.

Download Here

4). Remix OS – Run Android Apps & Games on PC

Remix OS is another great and free android emulator for window Pc or laptop and it supports Android 6.0 marshmallow which is great. If you are thinking to install this emulator then make sure you enable “Virtualisation Technology” from BIOS. AMD chipsets users are not trying to install it because it doesn’t support.

There is an option where you get trending apps and game which you can download and it also supports Google play store, so you can install an app from there. In short, Remix OS is the only one emulator that runs Marshmallow on their system.

Download Here

5). KO Player – Android Emulator for Laptop Windows 10

KO player is not so much popular emulator but it has some best feature that’s why we add this emulator on our list. Again, it also good for playing android games on window pc or laptop. There is keyboard mapping option, so you can easily play the game through your computer keyboard.

The best option on this emulator, you can easily record your android emulator screen. As we discussed, it specially made for gaming so Ko Player wants the good amount of Ram and Graphic.

Download Here

6). Genymotion – Android Emulator for PC

Genymotion is the best emulator for those who want to use this for development or for professional use. So if you are the developer and you are looking emulator for development purpose then this is the best android emulator for you because it offers you Android Studio integration and Android SDK tools. It also connects with your internet connection which your window computer connected to.

Download Here

(6+) Best Android Emulators For PC Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP or Laptop
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