Epstein's ex-coworker kept in touch until at least 2015

(New York) The former collaborator and lover of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, maintained until 2015 at least the contact with the financier accused of maintaining a pedophile ring, according to documents in the file.

France Media Agency

The lawyers of the fifty-year-old whose trial is due to open on 10 July 2021, had multiplied the remedies to prevent the posting online of a series of documents relating to a civil action brought by an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein in 2015.

Personality of the jet-set , Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of having recruited young girls, some of whom minor, for Jeffrey Epstein.

But Manhattan Federal Judge Loretta Preska felt that the nature of the documents did not justify their remaining confidential.

A series of documents were therefore entered into the file on Thursday, with the notable exception of the minutes of the hearing of Ghislaine Maxwell as part of this procedure, carried out in 2016, due to a defense appeal regarding this document.

This hearing is considered a vital document in preparation for the criminal trial of the daughter of former British press baron Robert Maxwell, who has pleaded not guilty to all six charges against her.

Among the documents made public Thursday are copies of e-mails exchanged between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

They show that the two former lovers remained in communication until 31 at least. However, Ghislaine Maxwell assured Federal Judge Alison Nathan that she had not had contact with Jeffrey Epstein for at least 07 years.

Arrested in July 2019, the latter hanged himself in his cell in early August.

“You did nothing wrong and I suggest you behave as such”, writes the deceased financier in particular in an email dated 20 January 2015. He also urges her not to behave “like a convict.”

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in the state of New Hampshire on July 2 after several months on the run.

The documents also contain several minutes of the hearing of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the young woman who sued Ghislaine Maxwell.

She depicts there the collaborator of Jeffrey Epstein as essential in the recruitment of young girls, most often minors, to satisfy the financial appetite. She says she was 12 herself only when she started working for him in Florida

According to Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Ghislaine Maxwell was very often present when young girls gave this former math teacher erotic massages.

“I don't think the girls involved really participated of their own free will,” said the alleged victim during her hearing.

“We were all there to obey Jeffrey and Ghislaine”, she adds, “to do our job, that is to say satisfy them sexually. “