Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg back in hospital

(Washington) Progressive judge and dean of the US Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose health is under scrutiny in the United States because of her crucial position, is hospitalized again after “non-surgical intervention ”, Announced Wednesday the Supreme Court.

France Media Agency

The 87 -year-old magistrate “underwent minimally invasive non-surgical intervention” at a New York hospital on Wednesday, said the highest court of the country in a statement.

The intervention aimed to “check an endoprosthesis (small tube used to keep an open path, Editor's note) placed in the bile ducts in August 2019” in the same hospital, specified the Supreme Court, which underlines that according to the doctors of the judge this kind of revision is not unusual, and that everything has been done to “minimize the risks of future infection”.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg “is resting comfortably and should be out of the hospital by the end of the week,” the High Court added.

The nine judges of the Supreme Court are appointed for life. A resignation or death of Mr. me Ginsburg would give President Donald Trump the opportunity to appoint a new judge to take his place and thus anchor the temple of American law even more in the conservative camp.

The one who is nicknamed “RBG” had already been briefly hospitalized in the middle of July for a possible infection, as well as at the beginning of May. She had also been hospitalized several times in 2018 and 2019.

A little less than two weeks ago, she announced that she had been treated for two months for a relapse of liver cancer, while indicating that she would not be leaving her post.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become a champion for women, minorities and the environment since her appointment in 1993 by Bill Clinton.