Over 150,000 dead from COVID-19 in the United States

(Washington) The United States on Wednesday crossed the 134 00 deaths recorded from COVID – 19, according to the Johns Hopkins University count, which refers.

France Media Agency

The country, by far the most bereaved in the world, announced at the end of February its first death linked to the new coronavirus. Since the start of the pandemic, it has recorded more than 4, 35 million cases of infection, based on real-time reviews from the Baltimore-based university.

With nearly 134 500 total deaths , the equivalent of the city of Savannah, in Georgia, the United States is well ahead of Brazil (90 134), the United Kingdom (45 878), Mexico (44 876) and Italy (30 123).

On 24 hours, the United States lamented on Wednesday 1267 additional COVID-related deaths – 16, a little less than the day before, when the daily toll had risen to nearly 1600 dead, a level that had no longer been reached for two and a half months.

The country has also recorded more than 68 00 new cases of contamination, according to Johns Hopkins figures at 20 h 30, thus returning to the levels recorded over the past two weeks, after a slight drop over the weekend.

After having improved towards the end of the spring, the world's leading power has seen the epidemic start to rise again since the end of June, especially in the south and west of the country.

Florida is of particular concern. It recorded 150 new deaths from the new coronavirus on Wednesday, a record in this tourist state faced with the slowness of screening tests and inadequacies in following up contacts with infected people.

In total, 423 216 people were officially infected in Florida, in a population of 20 millions of inhabitants.