Florida: they don't respect social distancing, he pulls out his gun and shoots

(Miami) A Florida man was arrested for using his gun Monday in the lobby of a Miami Beach hotel, where he lashed out at a mother and son who did not respect his taste the health recommendations of social distancing.

France Media Agency

” You have to leave. You are not keeping your distance, “Douglas Marks first told the establishment's two clients, according to the police report from the tourist town in the southeastern United States, consulted on Wednesday by AFP. .

The woman, Verónica Pena, and her son, tourists from the state of New Mexico, ignored her remarks and sat on a sofa with their backs to her.

“Let me take care of them. There are two people who do not follow the recommendations, ”said Mr. Marks, 29 years, according to the mother.

Several shots then rang out in the hotel lobby, causing no injuries.

Mr. Marks told police he believed he was being followed, that he had asked reception to call for help and that he had fired, four times, as a “warning”.

He was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and for using a weapon in public, among other counts.

This new incident betrays the current climate of tension in Florida, one of the American epicenters of the COVID pandemic – 19, where a resident on 50 has been contaminated.

Another man was arrested last week in the “Sunshine State” for pointing his pistol at a person asking him to wear a mask in a Walmart supermarket.