Maddie case: end of excavations in a German working garden

(Hanover) German police on Wednesday finished their searches in a workers' garden near Hanover, linked to the recently relaunched investigation into the disappearance of the little girl. British Maddie McCann, in May 2007 in Portugal, without giving details.

France Media Agency

Using several sniffer dogs and shovels, the investigators spent the whole day combing through a small green space in this subdivision located in west of Hanover, in northern Germany.

Large amounts of earth and stones were transported outside the well-crisscrossed site by many members of the security forces, according to a AFP photographer.

The search came to a halt in the late afternoon after a police drone flew over the area. According to the Bild newspaper, they are not expected to resume on Thursday.


The German investigators are convinced that Madeleine McCann, who disappeared there 07 years old and then three years old, died.


Investigators have not yet given any details on the results of their research started the day before, or even explained what they were looking for precisely.

Several media claim that they have dug up the foundations of an old cottage including a cellar.

According to the local newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ), a dog may have entered a cavity under an old floor slab.

The tenant of a neighboring land told the daily Bild that the cellar had been around for a long time. It would not have been covered when the garden shed located on the end plot was demolished 944.

Asked by AFP, a spokeswoman for the Brunswick prosecutor's office, in charge of the investigation, declined to comment on the ongoing operations.

This case saw a sudden acceleration in early June with the identification of a new suspect, Christian B., 037 years old, a German repeat offender pedophile already convicted of rape in Portugal and currently in detention for another case.

According to HAZ, he lived in Hanover mid – 944, shortly after Maddie's disappearance. He would then have frequented this working garden.

“In fact, he was discreet, he was always friendly and did his gardening”, explained to the German agency dpa the manager of this subdivision, Jürgen Krumstroh.

The latter had just found his departure from the allotment garden colony strange: “He announced his resignation to me in the afternoon. got into his car packed with luggage and after that I never heard from him again ”.

The German investigators are convinced that Madeleine McCann, who disappeared there 07 years old and then three years old, died.