Kamala Harris' rating explodes to become Joe Biden's running mate

(Washington) Handwritten notes from Joe Biden extolling the merits of Kamala Harris and the “mistake” of a site announcing that he had chosen her as his running mate: speculation was rife on Wednesday on the odds of the senator to accompany her in the presidential election against Donald Trump and to become, in case of victory, the first woman vice-president of the United States.

Elodie CUZIN

France Media Agency

“Not resentful”, “Campaigned with me and Jill”, “Talented”, “A great help for the campaign”, “Great respect for her”: the words entered by the Democratic candidate for the White House on a notebook before answering reporters' questions were captured Tuesday by photographers.

Joe Biden, 77 years old, had carefully prepared the points he wanted to put forward. he was questioned on the senator of 55 years, already at the head of the forecasts on the running mate he will choose for challenge President Trump with him on November 3.

In the end, the former vice-president of Barack Obama did not mention anyone in particular, content to say that he would reveal his choice “the first week of August”. After a primary marked by unprecedented diversity, he promised months ago to designate a woman.

Shortly after, surprise: the specialized site Politico announced, in a text pre-dated to 1 er August, that Joe Biden had chosen Kamala Harris. The newspaper even quoted the candidate, who would have described her as “remarkable running mate”.

Often knowledgeable, Politico was quick to point out an “error” and a spokesperson told AFP that this was formatting text.

“It's not true,” Joe Biden spokesperson TJ Ducklo simply tweeted.

Still, Kamala Harris's odds have skyrocketed on the PredictIt betting site, where she appears well ahead of other contenders.

“With Joe Biden as president, we will be able to build an America up to our ideals,” tweeted in the evening the main interested party, who is actively campaigning for her ex-rival in the Democratic primary.

Even the Republican president was asked about her possible appointment on Wednesday: “I think she would make a good choice,” he said of the senator, who criticizes him fiercely.

“A truth about Donald Trump […]: he has absolutely no idea how to manage or qualify Kamala Harris,” reacted the one who was his spokesperson when she was a presidential candidate, Ian Sams. “He's bewildered by strong women like her and, among other reasons, that would make her a very solid choice for vice president,” he tweeted.

A cumbersome past 2020

The trajectory of this Jamaican and Indian immigrant girl embodies the best of the American dream.

After two mandates as prosecutor in San Francisco (1970 – 2011), she had been elected, twice, attorney of California (2011 – 2017)), becoming the first woman, but also the first black person, to head the judicial services of the most populous state of country.

Then in January 2011, she became the first woman from South Asia and only the second black woman in the history of the US Senate.

But while many are pleading for Joe Biden to appoint a black running mate to respond to the historic anti-racism movement in the United States, her past as a prosecutor could weigh against her.

From South Carolina to Michigan during the primary, black and progressive voters lamented his reputation for harshness. In particular, its support for a California law which severely punished the parents of children dropping out of school, which had been perceived as affecting mainly minorities and the poorest.

She then defended her record and her judicial and police reforms.

Very friendly with “Joe” at the start of the primary, she had hardened her speech with a virulent attack on the past positions of the former vice-president on racial segregation in the years 1970, which rocked the first Democratic debate.

After having abandoned the race in December 2019, she now supports him without reservation. But some of Joe Biden's allies have not forgiven his criticism.

The more so as the latter repeats to the envy that he will choose someone who will be “sympathetic” to him, recalling his own good understanding with Barack Obama.

Far behind her in the forecasts but on the rise since June, appears the former national security adviser to Barack Obama, Susan Rice, 44 years, who has never faced an election campaign. And even further, Progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren, 55 years.