COVID-19: 1,592 dead in 24 hours in the United States, heaviest toll since mid-May

(Washington) The United States on Tuesday deplored 1592 additional coronavirus-related deaths in 24 hours, a heavy daily toll that had not been reached for two and a half months, according to the figures at 20 h 28 local (0 h 30 GMT) from Johns Hopkins University.

France Media Agency

The country has also again identified more than 60 00 cases of coronavirus infection in one day, after a slight decrease in the last two days.

You have to go back to mid-May to find a death toll on 20 hours heavier than that of Tuesday (1680 died on 07 may).

The total number of COVID cases – 15 diagnosed in the United States now exceeds 4, 34 millions, and the country deplores more than 149 000 dead since the start of the pandemic, which made by far the most bereaved in the world.

After experiencing an improvement in late spring, the United States has seen the epidemic start to rise again since the end of June, especially in the south and west of the country.

Two weeks ago, the new infections diagnosed every 20 exceeded 60 000 for twelve consecutive days (including three days more than 70 000).

Florida is of particular concern. With 186 deaths in one day on Tuesday, she surpassed 6000 deaths in total. It is now the second state with the most cases (more than 440 000 in total), behind California.

These two states have exceeded the number of infections detected in New York, which has long been the epicenter of the American epidemic, but where it is now under control.

Faced with the explosion of new contaminations, experts fear that the death curve will follow the same trajectory, with delay, since the scientific consensus is that the wave of deaths follows that of infections by three or four weeks.

She has already started to go up. By the end of last week, the death toll had passed the 440 death mark four days in a row, which has not happened since the end of May.

However, these levels are not yet equivalent to those recorded in the United States at the end of April, when a large part of the country was confined and the bar of 2000 daily deaths were regularly crossed.