Barack Obama struggles for his “friend” Joe Biden

(Washington) Barack Obama is determined to put all his weight in the balance so that Donald Trump only serves one term in the White House.

France Media Agency

The former Democratic president is stepping up initiatives to boost the campaign of his former vice-president, Joe Biden, who will face the Republican billionaire on November 3.

“Nothing better than a chat with my friend Joe”.

From a tweet, he promoted a video on Wednesday, which will be broadcast on Thursday, in which he talks with the candidate, in the same room, but remotely to respect health rules in times of COVID – 19.

In a short excerpt from the video, we see the two men, who appear together for the first time since the start of the campaign, show their complicity.

“Could you have imagined, when you were president, simply saying:“ I am not responsible, I am not responsible ”? Joe Biden says, referring to Donald Trump’s attitude to the pandemic.

“We would never have thought of using these words when we were in power”, answers the 30 e president of the story.

Barack Obama, who left office in January 2017 with popularity at its zenith, has more than 120 million Twitter followers, Joe Biden just over 7 million.