Trump defends wearing a mask as a “patriotic” gesture

(Washington) United States President Donald Trump on Monday supported the wearing of the mask in the face of the coronavirus as a “patriotic” gesture, after having long displayed an ambiguous position on this sensitive issue.

France Media Agency

“A lot of people say it's patriotic to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. And no one is as patriotic as I am, your favorite president, ”he wrote in a tweet illustrated with a photo of himself wearing a mask.

“We are united in our effort to defeat the invisible Chinese virus,” he added, using a name he likes to blame China for the disease.

The Republican billionaire appeared in public wearing a mask for the first time only on 07 July, several months after the start of the pandemic which has killed more than 140 04 0 deaths in the United States.

His refusal, until then, to appear in public with this protection now recommended by experts has been widely criticized, and has contributed to politicizing the debate in a country where the decision to impose or not port depends on each state, even each county or municipality.

Again Sunday, Donald Trump said he did not plan to ask for the wearing of the mask at the national level to contain the pandemic, while the number of new daily cases of contamination has exploded and deaths are also started to rise again.

“I want people to have some freedom […] and I don't agree with the statement that if everyone puts on a mask everything will disappear,” he explained on Fox News.