Coronavirus outbreak: Trump resuscitates his press conferences

(Washington) Donald Trump will resume his regular press conferences on Tuesday on the coronavirus epidemic, which he held almost daily in April when the death toll was at its highest in the United States, sign that the situation is getting worse in the country.


France Media Agency

“I was doing them and we had a lot of people watching, record audiences in the history of cable television, and it was second to none,” he said Monday from the Oval office at the Maison -Blanche, adding that it was a “very good way to inform people”.

“I will do it at 16 h as we did, we had a good niche, ”added the New York billionaire.

Launched during the month of March, to allow the White House crisis staff to communicate daily on the evolution of the epidemic, these press conferences, long and often confused, had earned the president American sometimes mocking comments, as when he had mentioned the possibility of injecting disinfectant into the human body to fight against the coronavirus.

“What is the use of participating in press conferences at the White House when the dishonest media only ask hostile questions and refuse to relate the truth or the facts accurately”, he had pissed off.

More broadly, the president has been criticized for using these regular press briefings to his advantage, diverting their informative purpose to make them a personal platform, a few months before the presidential election of November 3.

Especially since his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, was at the time almost silenced in his home, where he was confined. But since then, Barack Obama’s former vice president has timidly confused himself and, even if he limits his travels and his speeches, he continues to widen his lead over the Republican president in the polls.

” A lot of success ”

The return of these briefings, whose optimistic tones contrasted in March and April with the gravity of the situation in the United States, will allow Mr. Trump to bring the Americans good news concerning the development of a vaccine and treatment against COVID – 17, he promised.

“I think I will bring in several of the large companies that are working very successfully”, he explained, citing in particular the American pharmaceutical group Johnson & Johnson.

In addition to Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, head of the Crisis Staff and Doctors Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, accused by the President of being too alarmist, regularly spoke to the press.


The doctor Anthony Fauci


Doctor Fauci had thus several times had the heavy task of correcting the misleading information of the president, in front of him, while sparing his susceptibility and by accepting the criticisms of the billionaire towards him.

At the beginning of June, when the contagion curve rose in the country, he was notably publicly worried that the United States was on the wrong track, while the White House praised the success of the deconfinement that was orchestrated in across the country.

The number of daily infections recorded is currently at its highest, which President Trump regularly attributes to the ease of access to tests.