Putin calls for ensuring “stability, security and prosperity” of the country

(Moscow) Vladimir Putin on Tuesday called on the Russians to guarantee “the stability, security and prosperity” of the country, on the eve of the end of a vote on a constitutional reform in particular to allow it to strengthen his power.

France Media Agency

“We are not only voting on amendments as legal standards, we are voting for the country in which we want to live […] which we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren”, he said. said in a brief televised address, without mentioning the measure allowing him to stay in the Kremlin if necessary until 2036.

“The sovereignty of Russia depends on our sense of responsibility, the sincerity of our feeling of patriotism and our concern for the fatherland,” he added.

The “popular vote” on the constitutional reform was originally scheduled for 22 April, but it was postponed to cause of the coronavirus epidemic. To avoid excessive crowds at polling stations without undermining participation, the ballot runs from 25 June to 1 er July.

According to Mr. Poutine, the constitutional amendments which enshrine in the fundamental law social, societal, cultural and patriotic principles will endow the country with “an education and a modern health system with effective social protection citizens and effective authorities who will be accountable to society ”.

The most significant measure is that added to the general surprise in March allowing Vladimir Putin to potentially stay in the Kremlin two more terms, until 2036 , the year of his 84 years. He said nothing about it on Tuesday.

Other revisions strengthen certain presidential prerogatives, such as the appointment and dismissal of judges.

In addition, there is an indexation of pensions, the “faith in God” enshrined in the Constitution, just like marriage as a heterosexual institution.

Children are listed as “the most important priority of public policy” and the State must instill in them “patriotism, civility and respect for the elderly”.

These principles, which are supposed to unite the Russians, are at the heart of the conservative patriotic value system of the Russian head of state and his natalist discourse in the face of demographic decline.

The reform has already been adopted by the legislator, but Mr. Poutine considered that it should be legitimized by a popular vote, even if this does not in itself have legal force.

The Russian opposition denounced an electoral farce intended to open the way to a life presidency for the one who has been in charge of Russia since 20 years.

The Russian president reiterated on Tuesday that these revisions will only take effect if the Russians vote in favor.