Hong Kong controversial national security law reportedly passed

(Hong Kong) Chinese parliament passed controversial national security law in Hong Kong on Tuesday, media reports in the semi-autonomous territory raised fears of repression of political opposition in the former British colony .

France Media Agency

The national parliament in Beijing voted unanimously for this text, said Now TV, RTHK and the South China Morning Post on Tuesday morning .

This law, which intends to suppress “separatism”, “terrorism”, “subversion” and “collusion with external and foreign forces”, aims to restore stability in the shaken former British colony l last year by monster demonstrations against the central power.

Opponents fear that it will serve to muzzle dissent and to bury the semi-autonomy and freedoms enjoyed by the people of Hong Kong.

This text, drawn up in just six weeks and whose content is unknown to the nearly 7.5 million Hong Kongers, bypasses the local legislative council.

At her weekly press conference on Tuesday morning, the head of the local executive, Carrie Lam, refused to say whether this text was actually adopted.

“I do not think it is right now for me to comment on questions relating to the law on national security,” said M . Lam.

For the pro-democracy opposition of Hong Kong and for several western countries including the United States, the G7 or the European Union (EU), this law is on the contrary an attack on autonomy and liberties of the territory.